You are giving your all to your loved one, being there for them when you can. But you can’t do it all. Wouldn’t it be great to hire a qualified sitter to watch over your aging parent so you could attend to errands, your own family needs, or work? Well, you can with As Close As Family. We offer senior sitter services so you can get the break you need. Our CareProsSM are here to be that extra set of eyes for a client and their family so they can get a much needed break.

Senior Sitter Services

Senior Sitter Services

What is a senior sitter? This is a non-medical assistant that will assist with monitoring clients whenever and where they need them, whether it is part time, full time or 24/7. We understand. We are here. Such care can be provided in a variety of settings, including the home, senior living housing, nursing homes, hospitals, rehab facilities, and more. Sitters are not physicians or nurses and cannot provide medical, physical therapy, or any other skilled service. Their role is limited to providing basic companionship along with some light housekeeping if needed. In a nutshell, our sitters are there to keep your loved ones company while you are away, either on vacation, at work or just taking a break. Our CareProSM can also watch your loved one as they are recovering from surgery in the hospital.

Here’s a look at some of our senior sitter services. We can:

  • Provide company, companionship and friendly conversations
  • Play board games, cards or any other activity that stimulates the mind
  • Take them for walks
  • Remind seniors to take medication (please note, we cannot actually administer the medication)
  • Assist with activities within their physical limitations and comfort level

We pride ourselves on finding new ways to please the palates of our seniors, whether they want something as simple as a homemade coffee cake or as involved as a gourmet meal. It can be overwhelming or even impossible for aging adults to cook full meals, shop for ingredients and cook it all — especially when there are mobility or memory issues involved. Actually, this can be quite dangerous, as many older clients don’t remember to toss out expired foods — not to mention they have access to a stove where they could get burned.

Benefits of Sitter Services

There are many advantages to hiring our sitters:

  • Watchful companion for your loved one as they recover: Our sitters will engage your loved one with board games, stories, cards, puzzles and anything else that keeps their mind active.
  • Peace of mind: No more feeling guilty when you have to tend to your own needs. Let us free up your time by engaging your loved one so you know they’re in the best care possible.
  • Access to additional services: You can easily add service with As Close As Family, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and respite care, at NO additional cost.

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To learn more about sitter services provided by the team that is As Close As Family or for your free consultation, contact us today. In addition to meal preparation, we offer complementary services, such as, housekeeping, companionship, laundry, errands, medication reminders and respite care.

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