Nutrition effects every aspect of our life. A well balanced diet is crucial to good health. We have been there when clients or their families have no choice but freezer meals. We have been there when a diabetic has nothing but high sugar items for a meal. We have been there when there isn’t enough time before work to fix mom or dad a meal of their liking. We have been there and we understand. Proper nutrition is invaluable. Let the ACAF CareProSM team be your personal chef. From meal planning, shopping, preparation, and even that dread of doing the dishes, let us be there for you. Our CareProSM team can follow instructions for special diet prep as well as special request. From beans and taters, to surf and turf, our CareProsSM are well trained with meal preparation of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Meal time is something that shouldn’t be rushed. This is a time of engagement, where you can listen to your loved one open up, chat about memories or just share some quiet company. As your loved one becomes more immobile or forgetful (in the case of Alzheimer’s), it can be difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that they can no longer cook the foods they love. As the child, grandchild, or family friend, you have other commitments and can’t always be there during meal time. Let our team help you experience that premium care that is, As Close As Family.

Caregiver Meal Preparation
Meal Preparation

Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

The team at As Close as Family can provide the full spectrum of meal preparation for clients. We can assist with their nutritional needs, assisting with specific meal plans to promote healthy eating habits, and assist with monitoring food and fluid intake. We can provide:

  • Assistance with menu planning that takes into consideration dietary restrictions and other limitations
  • Monitoring of food and fluid intake
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal prep and clean-up
  • Monitoring of food freshness

It can be overwhelming or even impossible to aging adults to cook full meals, shop for ingredients, and cook it all-especially when there are mobility or memory issues involved. Actually this can be quite dangerous, as many older clients do not remember to toss out expired food, not to mention the risk associated with using a stove or oven.

Other times, seniors fall out of the habit of preparing meals for themselves and eating in a healthy way. Their appetites may change or become reduced, due to medications or illness. Sadly, malnutrition is a big problem in the senior population, leading to disease and more frequent hospitalizations. You can rest assured the ACAF team will be there to lend a watchful eye and a helping hand.

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