Since 2016, As Close As Family has been your premium choice for in home care. Our team is committed to providing the best in-home care possible to our clients and their families. That’s why we’re a proud member of the Home Association Care of America, the industry’s leading trade organization in the country. With access to the latest education and research, and held to a strict Code of Conduct that follows best practices, our clients can trust that they’re in the best hands with As Close As Family. We are also members of the National Care Planning Council and the Alabama Elder Care Planning Council. No matter the task, our greatest wish is to be thought of, As Close As Family.

Home Care Association of America
Private Duty Certified

With over 60 years of experience in the home care field, the management team of ACAF understands. WE understand what it takes to recruit the best team members. WE understand what it takes to train a great staff to provide families with the very best care. WE understand… Home Care.

WE have been in those homes where that family doesn’t know which way to turn. WE have seen when the family has mistakenly hired a bad caregiver and there are issues from that. WE have been there when that loved one needs that extra help. WE understand, WE feel more than any agency out there. I dare to say, you can search high and low and you will not find the experience WE bring to the table. WE know what it takes to hire great caregivers, WE know what it takes to make the scheduling work and send the right people. WE know… home care, from every angle. WE have been there and WE understand. If you are looking for that premium in home care for you or your loved one, choose the experienced team that is “As Close As Family.”

The As Close As Family Difference

Are they all the same? Why should I employ an agency for me or my loved one? How is one agency different from another? Those are questions we hear almost everyday from client’s and their families. The truth is no two agencies are the same. Some agencies work with individual contractors which means they do not have direct supervision over them. All team members with As Close As Family are W2 employees which means they report directly to the ACAF office. There are many individual caregivers out there, so why should you choose an agency for you or your loved one? ACAF employs numerous CareProsSM that are available 24/7. What happens if you hire an independent caregiver and they call in sick? How are you screening your independent caregivers? Are your caregivers insured? Are they a licensed entity in the state? Are they taking care of the payroll taxes, or are you responsible for them? How dependable are they? What type of training do they have, have you verified that?

By choosing the team that is As Close As Family, LLC, you can rest assured that all of those plus more questions have been answered. As Close As Family boasts one of the most rigorous in-depth pre-employment and random screening processes in the home care field today. All CareProsSM are required to undergo pre and random employment drug screenings, background checks and are verified thru the National Sex Offender’s Registry. All ACAF team members are well-trained and knowledgable in the home care setting. Administrators and supervisors are on call 24/7 for all clients and caregivers with any difficulties or concerns. ACAF accepts private pay, VA, long-term care insurance and AL Cares, just to name a few. For any questions, or to schedule your free in home assessment, give the office a call at 256-638-6009 or stop by any of our locations. So again we ask, “When choosing a caregiver for you or a loved one, why choose someone other than the team that is… “As Close As Family.”

As Close As Family is an equal opportunity employer and provider in which no employment or care decisions are based upon race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, sex or sexual orientation.


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