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As Close As Family is proud to serve the communities of Alabama. Our home office is located in Rainsville, Alabama, but we have offices across the state. Visit our location page to find an office near you.

Throughout our many years of direct home health experience, we have seen the continuous and growing need for that next step of in home care. We have been there, professionally, when that family doesn’t know which way to turn. We have been there when mom or dad’s request is to continue living at home, despite safety concerns. We have been there, when kids and grandkids have work and sports, but also have parents or grandparents needing that extra hand.

Through it all, we have been there. We understand.

We have been there personally with family with dementia, we have been there with family after surgery, we have been there with family after numerous falls, we have been there, we understand. We understand, when the client or family is concerned with having the right person to aide in their care. The main question in our interview process for hiring for our team is, “Would we put them in with our own family?” If the answer isn’t a resounding “yes” then we move on to the next candidate. We hope that you will take a moment and learn more about us, our service, and our vision. If we can be of service to you and your family, please do not hesitate to reach out with the contact form provided.

“In your time of need, whether for you or a loved one, why choose someone other than the team that is ‘As Close As Family.’”

Senior Meals Assistant
Senior Sitter

Our CareProsSM give the upmost attention to the well being of our clients by exhibiting a courteous and conscientious manner in the workplace.  The ACAF CareProSM team understands their position is a calling, and it is a privilege for clients and their families to trust ACAF to provide that helping hand.

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As Close As Family

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Homemaking / Caregiver

We coordinate premium, reliable care who can assist with common household chores and depending on the mobility level other needs.

Personal Care

We can assist with bathing, dressing, grooming and incontinence care.

Meal Preparation

Our staff can assess nutritional needs, create meal plans to promote healthy eating habits, and monitor food and fluid intake.

Respite Care

Short-term, temporary relief can be provided for those who are caring for family members within their home.


A non-medical assistant can help keep your loved one company, remind about medications, and assist with activities.


Having someone to visit, chat with, or play a game of cards with can mean all the difference in feeling at peace with the reality of being homebound.

What our clients are saying about us

As Close as Family is the right name for this agency! Dustin, Adam, and staff were great to work with our family’s schedule, and caregiver attendants were kind, caring, and professional. I highly recommend this service.
Cheryl Holder
As Close As Family will treat you and your family with kindness, compassion, and professionalism. They really care about their clients and do all they can to help people.
Justin L.
I just can’t say enough about this group of caring folks. They were there for us at a very difficult time. I highly recommend their services.
Debra Talley
I was struggling to work a full time job and care for my mother. I searched for private sitters to come to my home and sit with her while I worked, but was unable to find a person that was reliable. I was scrolling through Facebook one evening and saw a recommendation for a company called As Close As Family. I spoke with my husband and told him this was our last hope. I contacted As Close As Family the next day. I met with Dustin and told him what I needed. It was the best decision I ever made. A sitter was at my house the next week, and faithfully someone has been at my house since. I am a nurse, and as many know, a nurses schedule can be a little crazy. It does not matter with As Close As Family how crazy my schedule is, they always provide a sitter when my I need one. As Close As Family is truly family, the sitters they provide are wonderful caregivers and treat my mother as if she were their own. If you are struggling to care for your loved one and need a little extra help, I recommend you give As Close As Family a call. You won’t regret your decision. If any company deserves a 5 star rating it is them!
Angela Horne, RN